Aberystwyth Nepalese Community Holds Charity Dinner

In support of leprosy and the recent earthquake relief, on behalf of Health Exchange Nepal (UK), Aberystwyth Nepalese Community organised a fundraising charity dinner in the evening of 27th June 2015 at Aberystwyth Rugby Club. The event was well attended by families of doctors and nurses from Bronglais General Hospital, local GP Dr Heather Cox and her family, staff from Little Angel’s Nursery and Wales Assembly Government, and Aberystwyth Asian Community.

Retired community paediatrician Dr Junu Upadhyaya who personally witnessed the devastating first earthquake in Nepal welcomed and introduced about the event. Church Surgery GP Dr Heather Cox shared her 3 years experience of looking after leprosy patients in eastern part of the Nepal, the 4 years experience of working in community clinic in western Nepal. She also told her interesting story of how she met her husband Mr Jono Cox (hydropower engineer) in Nepal, and got married in the UK. Their daughter Hannah was born in Nepal. Dr Sandesh Acharya, GP from Liverpool told that although leprosy has been eradicated, there are still 1 in 20,000 effected people in Nepal who are living their life in hatred. These people need love and care. He mentioned about a small charity hospital called “SEWA KENDRA” in Kathmandu, run by few doctors to help patients with Leprosy, mainly for treatment and rehabilitation. He pledged for helping this hospital..

The evening was very emotional by listening to a story of former Penglais Pupil Mr Jan Zeber. Jan was travelling to Nepal for an adventurous trekking to Annapurna base camp while earthquake hit Nepal on 25th of April. He realised only after a week that his parents Dr Jack Zeber (Consultant Anaesthetist at Bronglais General Hospital)) and Dr Alexandra Zeber (GP in Padarn Surgery) were extremely worried about him, as he was out of contact while earthquake hit the country.

An active member and fund raiser of Health Exchange Nepal (UK) Dr Shambhu Acharya (consultant anaesthetist from Liverpool) gave an emotional talk on recent devastating earthquake and how people are helping for fund raising following the charity’s pledge. Around 20 Nepalese Doctors Volunteers went to Nepal for immediate medical help and distribution of relief materials. With the collected fund the charity has already constructed 100 temporary shelters for earthquake survivors in villages, and planning to construct more shelters, toilets, schools and health posts in villages (which will last for few years). The charity is looking forward to its ambitious project of establishing rehabilitation centre for survivors (who lost their limbs) at Dhulikhel Hospital, in collaboration with Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. It will involve construction of artificial limbs, training and teaching staff and rehabilitation of patients. Dr Acharya appreciated the help provided by local people.

Display of handicrafts and promotional video show about Nepal helped for learning  more about the country. The event was entertained by a small cultural programme. Aberystwyth University lecture Dr Dev Acharya sang a peace song about the Buddha and love to Nepal. Little Angel’s staff Mrs Pramita Khoju and guest from Liverpool Mrs Gyanu Ghimire performed beautiful Nepali dances in traditional nepali costumes. Penglais A level pupil Pramesh Khoju conducted raffle prizes and gave a vote of thanks to all attendants and non attendants who contributed for the event, and Aberystwyth Rugby Club.

The event raised around £1500.